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Shades of Grey Shades of Grey
Jean Grey

Since: 14th September 2012
Was Updated: 02nd December 2017
Fans 14 (+0)

Jean Grey is without a doubt, one of the most COMPLEX Marvel characters out there. Jean was my introduction and first favorite character from Marvel. I have always been a fan of Jean as the Dark Phoenix, bad ass female villain.

Fireworks Fireworks

Since: 13th March 2013
Was Updated: 02nd December 2017
Fans 1 (+0)
Adopted From: Danielle

I have been a fan since the X-Men animated series in the 90s. I admire Jubilee's close father-daughter relationship with Wolverine and enjoy her personality. I find it interesting that they turned her into a vampire.

Childhood Childhood

Since: 07th November 2010
Was Updated: 02nd December 2017
Fans 21 (+0)
Adopted From: Kara

Peanuts has always given me wounderful childhood memories. Being able to run this fanlisting means the world to me!

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