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Ture Blue Deliciousness Ture Blue Deliciousness

Since: 26th November 2010
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
Fans 559 (+0)
Adopted From: Jo

I love blueberries! I work in a kitchen and we use forzen blueberries for pancakes, when I go to drain the liquid, I put it in cup and drink it.

Hidden Treasures Hidden Treasures
Pistachio Nuts

Since: 22nd September 2011
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
Fans 145 (+1)
Adopted From: Manon & Sabine

Pistachios are one of the oldest flowering nut trees and are related to the mango fruit and the spice sumac.

February 26th is recognized by pistachio lovers as World Pistachio Day; a day to honor the historical nut.

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