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ABBA holics ABBA holics

Since: 08th July 2011
Was Updated: 02nd December 2017
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Other Previously Owner(s): Denise

ABBA is an acronym formed from the initial letters of the names of the groupīs members. Their usually categorized simply as pop music, but their style varied over the years quite a lot, and was clearly influenced by folk, rock and disco.

Growing up, I was a kid who if their parents like it I diliked it. Which is why I never payed any attection to ABBA. I became a fan when I was at a fair where ABBA MANIA (a tribute group to ABBA) played. I had fun discovering and began my love for ABBA themselfs.

Glamorus Glamorus
Destiny's Child

Since: 13th October 2009
Was Updated: 02nd December 2017
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Adopted From: Rebecca

Created such substantial legacy, in my eyes were the biggest selling female groups in history as of date.

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