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Simple  Jane Simple Jane
Jane Curtin

Since: 24th May 2012
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
Fans 4 (+0)

It is always fun watching Jane in anything she's in. Growing up I did catch some of the first SNL (I was a bit young to understand the humor) but truly became a fan with Coneheads. Full in love all over again with Jane as Dr. Mary Albright in 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Magic Magic
Maggie Smith

Since: 08th June 2010
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
Fans 38 (+0)

While I was in the middle of checking out my joined fl, to find any broken or moved links, I noticed the owner for Maggie Smith had not updated for months. So of course I had to take a snoop and found out Maggie Smith was up for grabs. I thought about it for a bit, but I just couldn't resist!! I adore Maggie very much.

Sweet Routledge Sweet Routledge
Patricia Routledge

Since: 26th July 2011
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
Fans 34 (+0)

Patricia Routledge is without a doubt one of Britiain finest actress and singer. Best known for her roles in Keeping Up Appearances as Hyacinth Bucket and in the mystery drama series Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, as Hetty Wainthropp.

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