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Beautiful Beautiful
Amanda Marshall

Since: 08th February 2009
Was Updated: 13th April 2017
Fans 7 (+0)

A Canadian pop-rock singer, Amanda Marshall has 3 ablums with her debut as her Diamond, secound reaching 3x Platinum and the lastest as Platinum. Has one of the most beautiful and unique voices out there.

Voice Voice
Leona Lewis

Since: 18th September 2009
Was Updated: 13th April 2017
Fans 25 (+0)

Such a powerful voice and without a doubt excited running her fanlisting! Leona is a multi-platinum selling artist, three-time Grammy Award nominee and has sold over 20 million records worldwide. Her most successful single is "Bleeding Love", followed by "Happy".

Adoring Adoring
Serena Ryder

Since: 04th February 2013
Was Updated: 13th April 2017
Fans 2 (+0)

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