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Superfly Superfly
AJ McLean

Since: 19th October 2010
Was Updated: 13th April 2017
Fans 18 (+0)

A solo artist and a member of the boy-band, Backstreet Boys.

Been a fan since day one. He is pure talent, and his voice is just amazing. Very lucky to be running his fanlisting.

p u r e  t a l n e t p u r e t a l n e t
Hugh Laurie

Since: 20th December 2011
Was Updated: 13th April 2017
Fans 50 (+0)

I knew he did music, but because he had no cd out and never hard him, I never cross-listed my fanlisting for Hugh Laurie as a musician.

Oneday I was gettin a coffee at Starbuck before I caught my bus to work and who did I see looking back at me next to the till? Hugh on the cover of his debut ablum! I bought it right there and when I got home I listened and fell in love. He did such a brilliant job, I had to cross-list his fanlisting. I love his classic blues!

Out of My Mind Out of My Mind
James Blunt

Since: 15th January 2012
Was Updated: 13th April 2017
Fans 4 (+0)

I enjoy his music alot and really feel great running his fanlisting.

Overdose Overdose
Josh Groban

Since: 15th January 2012
Was Updated: 13th April 2017
Fans 13 (+0)

Has a fantastic, powerful - flawless, voice. Vocal chords are perfect - there isnít a note he canít perfectly hit and control. Just beautiful to listen to.

Going to a music stories you can find him in rock, pop, classical, and easy listening sections. Even when you read critics they place him different genres - classical-pop, opera, popera, ect. He pleases may different people interests in music.

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