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Since: 10th September 2010
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
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I was introduce to Bond, while watching the 2000-2001 figure skating season. Alexei Yagudin is a favourite and his short program was 'Winter' by Bond. Been a fan ever since.

Wanna Bet? Wanna Bet?
Playing Cards

Since: 10th October 2011
Was Updated: 30th September 2017
Fans 144 (+0)
Adopted From: Manon & Sabine

A great past time, wherever you may be!

Broken Inside Broken Inside
song: Nobody's Home

Since: 07th April 2011
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
Fans 9 (+0)
Avril Lavigne's third single from her second album Under My Skin. It is my all time favourite song from Avril!

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