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The Way I Like It The Way I Like It
album: Backstreet's Back

Since: 10th April 2009
Was Updated: 18th September 2017
Fans 30 (+0)

Growing up I ♥ the ablum! I still listen to it from time to time. With out a doubt, it is my favourite out of all of their ablums. I remember the time, when I would play the ablum, over and over again, while playing Sonic the Hedgehog.

Tragic Kingdom Tragic Kingdom
album: Tragic Kingdom

Since: 27th June 2011
Was Updated: 14th October 2017
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Adopted from: Vanessa

I listed to it on my cassette Walkman, during the summer after grade 5. Of course, out of all I throw out, I wished I kept it in my keepsake box. I have the CD now and all the songs are downloaded to my Ipod. One of the first ablums I ever listened to, that wasn't my moms.

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