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I thought I would create a list of fanlistings that don't excist yet, but deserve to be a fanlisting. Last checked: January 2013

Actor: Jonah Hill

Actor: Dan Aykroyd

Actor: Justin Theroux

Actor: Jon Heder

Actor: Andy Serkis

Actor: Will Ferrell

Actress: Laurie Metcalf

Ablum: Talk That Talk (Rihanna)

Animals: Manx (Cats)

Animals: Dwarf hamsters

Animation: Rugrats

Animation: Hey Arnold!

Animation: The Secret World Of Arrietty (2012)

Character: Joker (Xena: Warrior Princess)

Hobbies and Recreation: Taking Bubble Baths

Fragrances: Harajuku Lovers series

Song: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles)

Song: Roc Me Out (Rihanna)

Song: Farewell (Rihanna)

Song: If I Were a Boy (Beyoncé)

Song: Ave Maria (Beyoncé)

Song: Diva (Beyoncé)

Song: Freakum Dress (Beyoncé)

Movie: Your Highness (2011)

Movie: The Muppets (2011)

Movie: Immortals (2011)

Movie: The Three Musketeers (1993)

Movie: Red Tails (2012)

Movie: Iron Lady (2012)

TV Channel: OLN

TV Show: The Muppets Show