It all started at a site called The Lair of the Evil Bitches (LOTR cast slash fanfiction). It grow into a obsession for Aragorn/Legolas fiction. Now it's Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus or Harry/Severus/Draco!

HP Fic - pairing: Harry/Severus/Draco

Puzzles and Love (M+) by skyesnape [read]

Bonded in Blood (mv) by aikawa akihiko | [read]

Yule Wishes Do Come True (r) by K8BNimble | [read]

HP Fic - pairing: Harry/Severus

Potter's Prince (M) by Spiritfox94 [read]

Resistance (M+) by danniperson [read]

The Pursuit of Happiness (m+) by skyesnape | [read]

The Slytherin Method (m+) by ArtemisLiCa | [read]

Alright Without You (16+) by carawen | [read]

HP Fic - pairing: Harry/Draco

To Find The Missing Lifeline (M) by danniperson [read]

Worlds Apart (NC-17) by katie_delaney | [read]

Men in Tights: Hogwarts School of Ballet (NC-17) by Crup | [read]

Lock and Key (R) by badjujuboo | [read]

Where the Dawn Breaks (N-17) by simeysgirl | [read]

Angels and Dementors (N-17) by lafillesauvage | [read]

In the Closet (R) by 24601 | [read]

After Effect (N-17) by kc404duh | [read]

Losing Harry (R) by wisty | [read]

Nineteen Reasons... (NC-17) by mk malfoy | [read]

Malfoy Flavor (N-17) by Vorabiza | [read]

On the Catwalk (NC-17) by NariNari | [read]

Outed (NC-17) by qumabh | [read]

Parseltongue, Quidditch,and Smut, Oh My! (R) by Cassie_Black | [read]

Midnight on the Janus Thickey Ward (NC-17) by quill lumos | [read]

Flavorful Bonding (N-17) by Vorabiza | [read]

Need a Date (R) by Vorabiza | [read]

Normal Does It (NC-17) by lotus_lizzy | [read]

Becoming (NC-17) by Digitallace | [read]

Two Playboys on the Pitch (NC-17) by Professor McKitten | [read]

Desperately Seeking Someone (NC-17) by Alaana Fair | [read]

One Way (NC-17) by Rebekkamaria | [read]

Be a Good Boy (NC-17) by Rebekkamaria | [read]

Harryrella (NC-17) by harrys_boxers | pairing: [read]

Adagio in G Minor (X) by furiosity | [read]

Angels and Devils (NC-17) by Beren (aka Didi) | [read]

Honeymoon (NC-17) by Dracosoftie | [read]

Finite Incantatum (NC-17) by Alysian_Fields | [read]

I Wish I'd Brought My Jacket (NC-17) by harrys_boxers | [read]

HP Fic - pairing: Harry/Severus [nonslash]

Unforgiveable Sirius (T) by Severus Draconis Potter | [read]

Slytherin Snakes (T) by mkm246 | [read]

Digging for the Bones (16+) by Paganaidd | [read]

No Simple Highway (k+) by skyesnape | [read]

What Might Have Been: Catalyst (T) by Nightshade sydneylover150 | [read]

What Might Have Been: Salute (16+) by Nightshade sydneylover150 | [read]