Here are quizzes I've taken for fun. They were found @ quizilla.com

Which Star Sign Hides Within Your Eyes? Gemini

Which Kind Of Ghost Are You? Casual Glider...

What Band Member Are You? bass player of the band!

Are You Hard To Figure Out? Maybe - In between

What animal are you at heart? wolf

What Season Are You? Autumn

What Finding Nemo Character Are You? Crush

What Kind of Kiss Are You? A Goodbye Kiss

What Movie Do You Belong In? Fight Club!

Which of the Greek Gods Are You? Morpheus, God of Dreams

What Disney Princess Are You? Snow White

What's Your Element? Wind

What Type of Eyes Are You? Happy

Which Color Are You? Red

What's Your Personality? Hopelessly Romantic Geezer Named Alfred

Which Holiday Are You? Halloween

What kind of sex toy are you? Jelly Dildo

Which Flower Are You? Daisy

Which Woman of Beauty Are You? Mystery Woman

Which M&M Are You? Milk Chocolate

Which Greek Goddess Are You? Artemis, Hunter Goddess of the Moon

What Candy Are You? Chocolate

Which Harry Potter Pet Are You? Errol

What Flavor Are You? Spicy

Which Celestial Body Are You? Planet

What Angel are you? Sun Angel or a Happy Angel

Which of the 5 senses are you? Smell

What kind of freak are you? Sex Freak

What fast food condiment are you? Ketchup

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character are you obsessed with? Barbossa - Geoffrey Rush fan

What kind of sex scene do you write? Hash/Porn

Which Horror Movie Are You Living? House on Haunted Hill

What Snack Food are You? Apple

Which Johnny Depp are You? Captain Jack Sparrow

What Kind Of Sex Do You Like? Kinky Sex

How POTC crazed are you??? CRAZED - Tops

Which Tim Burton movie are you? Sleepy Hollow

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you? Legolas and his anal-retentive attention to personal hygiene

What fairy tale cliche are you? The Hero

What type of gay guy are You? Modern Technology type of Gay Guy

What kind of Fairy are you? Moth Goblinglitter or Dark Fairy

What Muppet are you? Swedish Chef

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be? Exotic Dancer Barbie

Which Lord of the Rings Character Do You Fancy? Legolas

Which Alcoholic Drink Are You? Vodka

What season's fairy are you? Winter Fairy

What Do You Need in Your Life? Adventures

What kind of guy are you most attracted to? Understand You

What Lies Behind Your Eyes? Life

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like? Warrior Anime Girl

Are you a Vampire/Goth/Punk/Poser/Emo/ or just a plain PREP!? Vampire

Which colour of Death is yours? Green

What Is Your True Hidden Power? Wind

Are you a Princess, Enchantress, Faerie, Mermaid or Toad? Enchantress

What board game are you? Pick up sticks

Which Harry Potter Character Are You? Severus Snape

What Do your Eyes Say About You? Wisdom

What Halloween horror are you? Human

What is your Hippie Name? Breezeann Sativa

How much do u know about tom felton? felton expert

Are You Normal? Somewhat Abnormal

Who or What Is Your Nemesis? Death