this or that

Back in the day, I found a survey at Sweet Desire. I thought I would do it and post it own my page. I have deleted a few questions and changed a few.

Pepsi or Coke: coke

Chips or Popcorn: popcorn


A Walk or Reading a Book: a walk

Sleep or Eat: sleep

Cats or Dogs: cats

Fish or Birds: birds

Burger or Hotdog: neither

Winter or Summer: winter

Snowboarding or Surfing: snowboarding

Getting up late or going to bed early: going to bed early

Cloudy or Sunny: cloudy

Hot or Cold: cold

Wet or Dry: dry

Neat or Sloppy: neat

Up or Down: up

Digimon or Pokemon: pokemon

Friends or Survivor: friends

Dance or Sports: dance

Shoes or Sneakers: sneakers

Day or Night: day

Left or Right: left

Play or Musical: Play

Singer or Actress: Singer

Wine or Beer: wine

TV series or Movie Series: movie series


Sweet or Sour: sweet

Gum or Candy: neither

Pool or Ocean: ocean

Indoors or Outdoors: outdoors

Computer or TV: computer

Reading or Writing: reading

Tom Green or Jackass: Tom Green

Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler: Jim Carrey

Friday or Saturday night: Friday

Best Friend or Boyfriend/girlfriend: boyfriend

Necklace or bracelet: necklace

Skipping or Hopping: skipping

Sitting or Standing: standing

Mom or Dad: Mom

Milk or Juice: juice

Chicken or Beef: chicken

Chinese or Italian Foods: both!

Salt or Pepper: pepper

Mozzarella or Cheddar: cheddar

Telephone or Cell Phone: telephone

Computer or Laptop: laptop

Skiing or Snowboarding: snowboarding

Fast Food or Homemade Food: homemade food

Britney or Christina: christina