My name is Catherine, and I live in British Columbia (Canada). Born under the sign of Aries, I grew up with many animals under one roof. In total I had more than 10 cats (lost count), 4 dogs, a handful of gold fish, 2 lizards, 2 turtles, 1 pigion, 4 hamsters and 1 rabbit. Right now I have a cat, a fish and a hamster. I plan to have a rabbit (maybe 3), a dog, a rat, some chickens, another cat or 2 and a tank of fish, sometime in my furture.

Eye color, is normally Hazel, but do change with mood and want I wear. About 5'8" tall, have dirty blond hair (natrually), but dyed my hair grewing up, red. I was such a Gillian Anderson fan, that I dyed my hair red! Right now my hair is inbetween red/brown/blonde.

The doll to your left, is me. A reflection. It is a cartoon verion of myself to share with you. I got the idea for creating a doll from Carolynne. In a nutshell, cartoons bring me to life and music is my oxygen. I have always dreamed of actually having a pair of wings. Wouldn't life be grand if we had wings and could fly? Color is the way, we should view the world. I do not believe in a black and white world. Energy, courage, strength, and peace, is the way to go.

how I got interested

I took a computer class in grade 10, were we had to create a html page. I didn't really understand it, until a friend helped. After she walked me through it, I started creating cheesy figure skating pages.

Fast forward 2 years after having no internet. Grade 12, was when I really got interested in web development and design. During this time I was planning to make a POTC fansite, but I found Geoffrey Rush (Captian Barbossa) more fastening.

bit on the old side

Before my first fanlisting collective was named, 'Listfans'. It was hosted at, until it went down. I do believe, that's when I changed the name to 'Good Morning'. I don't know how long before a changed it to 'FanFuse', but 'FanFuse' stayed the longest on the web.

My first fanlisting ever, was the real life relationships for Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom. It was the first to retired, as well. Throw the years I have lost interest in some and others I wish to re-run oneday.

I ran a few fansites and they were 'About Alan Rickman', 'Ashlee S. Web', 'Pieces of Xtina', 'Keria Fever', 'Ian Mckellen Fan', 'Johnny Depp: More Than You Can Handle', and 'Lovin' The Killers'. My miscellaneous projects were ' PSD Genie' and was part of 'Endless Graphics'.

the now

I got myself a job as a cook and from that I bought a computer and got myself internet. I dedicated to start up my fansite on Geoffrey Rush and credit a collective again, because I had loads of fun running them. Just another fan junkie, having fun on the web.