When you run a fanlisting, chances are you have a list of ones you would oneday hope to run as well. I would LOVE to run the ones I listed on this page, because I love the subjects so much.

top of the list

Geoffrey Rush Lady Gaga Nightmare Before Christmas TV show: The Big Bang Theory

miss understood

Thor/The Avengers: Loki (Laufeyson) Pirates of the Caribbean series: Captain Barbossa Harry Potter series: Severus Snape Harry Potter series: Draco Malfoy

and more

Actor: Bill Nighy Actor: Alan Rickman Actor: Sir Ian McKellen Actor: Tom Hiddleston Actor: Tom Felton Director: Tim Borton Actress: Natalie Portman Musician: Christina Aguilera Musician: Meat Loaf Realtionship: (Little Britian) The Prime Minister and Sebastian Movie: The Avangers Movie: Black Swan Comics: Ms. Marvel Animation:Tangled