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"In general, my basic rule of thumb is just act in things you would want to see yourself in. I have a taste for all kinds of movies. Usually, it's a question of whether it will be fun, whether I respect the people behind it, whether I would like to work with them. I'm sure I'm a serious-minded actor, but I still value the frivolity of acting. It's a real exuberant, entertaining thing to do. I never lose track of that."

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Debuted on Broadway in The Changing Room, Lithgow ended up receiving both the Tony and Drama Desk Award as Best Featured Actor in a Play.

John Arthur Lithgow was born October 19, 1945 in Rochester, New York. He is a triple thread - actor, musician, and author. And at the moment, Lithgow is known for his role as Arthur Mitchell in 'Dexter' (tv show). I personal noticed him in the tv series '3rd Rock from the Sun' as Dr. Dick Solomon, also a very well known role of his.

In younger years, John moved frequently while his father founded and managed local and college theaters and Shakespeare festivals throughout the States. Until 16 when his father became head of the McCarter Theater in Princeton New Jersey.

Growing up, with his mother, Sarah Jan (a retired actress) and father, Arthur Lithgow (theatrical producer and director), he was actually inspired to get into acting by Peter Sellers. Nor was theater a career, until he was attending Harvard University.

Not only did John win a scholarship to Harvard University, but after attending Harvard (graduated in 1967), he got a Fulbright scholarship to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

His talent has gone to earn him multiple Emmy Awards and Tony Awards, as well as two Academy Award nominations.

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