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 Adele: Rolling in the Deep:    Beyonce: Halo:    Beyonce: Single Ladies:    Christina Aguiler: Vanity:    Christina Aguilera: Dirrty:    Christina Aguilera: Fighter:    Christina Aguilera: Hello:    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun:    Jewel: Foolish Games:    Kelly Clarkson: Already Gone:    Kelly Clarkson: Behing These Hazel Eyes:    Lady Gaga: Alejandro:    Lady Gaga: Bad Romance:    Lady Gaga: Boys Boys Boys:    Lady Gaga: Dance In The Dark:    Lady Gaga: Judas:    Lady Gaga: Lovegame:    Lady Gaga: Poker Face:    Lady Gaga: Scheiße:    Lady Gaga: Speechless:    Lady Gaga: Teeth:    Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory:    Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas:    Nobody's Home:    Rihanna: Breakin\' Dishes:    Rihanna: Disturbia:    Shakira: She Wolf:    Taylor Swift: Tear Drops:   

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