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Leona Lewis

Leona Louise Lewis was born on April 3 1985, in London Borough of Islington. In Leona's early life, her parents enrolled her at Sylvia Young Theatre School, which followed attending the Italia Conti Academy and the BRIT School. This is where, Leona learned to play instruments, including guitar and piano, and writing songs. She wrote her very first full-length song at the age of 12. Leona trained in opera, but went on to singing jazz and blues, then popular music. She left BRIT at age 17.

In the hopes of becoming a singer-songwriter Leona, took a number of jobs to fund studio time. She recorded a demo ablum called, Twilight, with production company, Spiral Music, in Fulham. There were other demos recorded under UEG Entertainment, which were later included on an album called Best Kept Secret. Even with all her hard work, her demos were never released and wasn't able to land a contract. Leona was thinking of going on a hiatus from her music career and attend university, however Leona boyfriend encouraged her to enter The X Factor.

For those who do not know, The X Factor is a singing competition contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions.

Leona auditioned for the third series, with singing "Over the Rainbow". Mentored by Simon Cowell, Leona was announced the winner on 16 December 2006. A 1 million recording contract. The rest is history.