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Did you Know you have stumble upon the fanlisting for 'A Muppet Family Christmas'? Yes thats right, the thefanlistings.org approved fanlsiting for Jim Henson's 1987 Christmas television special starring his Muppets.

For those who are not too sure, in a nutshell, Fozzie Bear has promised the Muppet gang a real old fashioned Christmas at his mother's farmhouse in the country, unaware of his mother (Emily 'Ma' Bear) had other plans. Planning a vacation to Hawaii and renting the farm to Doc and his dog Sprockett, things get turned around and Ma Bear immediately welcomes them and cancels her plans. Followed by the caroling Sesame Street Gang, they all end up gettin` snowed in.

Doc finds himself sharing bunk-beds in the broom closet, Fozzie finds the perfect partner in a talking snowman, the Sesame Street Gang puts on a Christmas pagent, the Gang watches old home movies of themselves, Kremit and his nephew Robin visit the subterranian Fraggle Rock-ers, and The Swedish Chef tries to cook a bird for the festivities. Not only that, Miss Piggy, is fighting the storm to make it in time for Christmas.

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