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    Tim Burton's animated feature film, Corpse Bride, was composed by Danny Elfman.

    1. Main Titles
    2. According To Plan
    3. Victor's Piano Solo
    4. Into The Forest
    5. Remains Of The Day
    6. Casting A Spell
    7. Moon Dance
    8. Victor's Deception
    9. Tears To Shed
    10. Victoria's Escape
    11. The Piano Duet
    12. New Arrival
    13. Victoria's Wedding
    14. The Wedding Song
    15. The Party Arrives
    16. Victor's Wedding
    17. Barkis's Bummer
    18. The Finale
    19. End Credits Part 1
    20. End Credits Part 2

    (Bonus Tracks)
    21. Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1
    22. Remains Of The Day (Combo Lounge Version)
    23. Ball & Socket Lounge Music #2
    24. Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1 (Combo Version)


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