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Stuart Larkins is a character on "MadTV", portrayed by versatile actor, Michael McDonald. Stuart is definitely a peculiar character, but hilarious nonetheless. A "boy" of somewhere between two and seven, he's usually clad in blue pants, a colorful checkered shirt, and at times- white briefs, and is always accompanied by his mother, Doreen Larkins. What is Stuart all about? No one is quite sure. He's been seen in sketches involving zoos, pet stores, photography studios, security offices, weddings, a well, birthday parties, and at home. Doreen constantly informs the various people she and her son encounter that Stuart's father left them on a Tuesday. He likes to do things his own way and won't get pushed into anything by his mother. It seems that very possibly Stuart has an attention disorder.

Often Stuart breaks into little hops and snags Fudgesicles...even though his mother says they're really 'frozen poo.' A boy with his own mind, he seems to love wandering about in white briefs...really makes you wonder about his home life. It's almost impossible to get into the mind of Stuart. All we know is that he's an endearing character fans know and love seeing every week. While we'll never really know much about his origins and motivation, we know this: he don't wanna say.

Courtesy of Ellie